Whole. Complete. Untethered.

Quietly stirring in the depths of my soul.

Beyond what these eyes can see, the sounds unknown.

In the silence, the battle stands.

Light and darkness merge, hand in hand.


Illusions fade.

Veils drop away.

The vision of a woman’s gown,

Delicately falling to the ground.

Puddling on the surface of the earth.

The elegant dance of life, death, rebirth.


Unclenching my fist, my heart shatters.

A million pieces lay around me scattered.

Looking upward, my back embraced against the Mother.

A light beams down from the gentle Father.

Feel the blessings pour down from above.

Dismissing fear, illuminating love.


Honor the teachers, the teachings, the ghosts from the past.

Please don’t hold on, this moment won’t last.

Destroy the dams, remove the shields.

Open to the life that this breath yields.


May you have the courage to use your voice.

Looking fear in the face; and choose to rejoice.

May your strength be renewed,

Your healing complete.

May you feel compassion running from your head to your feet.


Unlock the deep wisdom with the key you hold tightly.

Guided by love, peace sung so sweetly.

Beautifully wrecked, beautifully together.

You my friend are Whole. Complete. Untethered.


From my heart to yours,

- Ashley Baker Haseton




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