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“I have just completed this 21 Day detox called Restart, and I have to tell you that it has changed my life.  I have learned so many valuable things about nutrition and how to heal my body. I had lab work this week and my doctor was shocked at how ALL of my numbers have improved. By eliminating processed foods, sugar and dairy from my diet I am sleeping better, have more energy and clearer thinking. This is a life changer and I would recommend attending Ashley Haselton’s Restart class”. - Melissa D

The RESTART® Program is a five week class led by Ashley Haselton, a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant. It combines the simple elements of an up-to-date nutrition education, a guided 3-week sugar detox (aka Real Food Challenge), with small group support into a powerful way to kickstart a new healthy lifestyle. It’s truly an empowering combination!

This program is designed to help guide you to find your own motivation and commitment to promote the changes you are willing and ready to make. The most successful outcomes occur when we feel heard and understood, are involved in the process, guided to where we want to go, and feel supported.  This program teaches you how to be gentle with yourself as you explore a new way of being. The program offers stress management techniques and mindfulness practices.  We take care of the WHOLE body! 

When we make informed choices, we become empowered. When we feel empowered and feel we have a say so in our health - we make lasting changes. 


  • Week 1: How to prepare for your REAL FOOD sugar detox
  • Week 2: Your digestive check-in
  • Week 3: What sugar really does in your body
  • Week 4: The truth about FATS
  • Week 5: How to move forward and celebrate your success!

The simple yet powerful nutrition education in RESTART® emphasizes only REAL FOOD. There are no pills, powders, or pre-packaged foods to buy. It is not a promise of a quick fix. It is not a weight loss or “diet” plan. Participants do not have to read a book to figure it out by themselves and perfection is not required! RESTART® provides small group support from the Instructor and peers who are all participating at the same time.

It is a personal journey of self-discovery with take-away tools that can be used for a healthier lifetime. 

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  • Pricing-  RESTART cookbook, weekly live online meetings, PDF of all materials and weekly support included, access to private RESTART The Shoals FB Page. 
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  • Location:  Online with Zoom Meeting 


What prior participants have to say! 
"I am proud to be a graduate of the first Shoals Restart class.  If you are considering taking this class please take that leap and sign up!  We learned so much about better nutrtion and shared a sugar detox experience as a group.  My overall health was improved by the detox and I lost weight!
Thank you Ashley for bringing this knowledge to the Shoals." - Jane S. 
"I have wanted to get sugar out of my diet and needed the accountability of a group to work through it. I feel so much better that I haven’t wanted to add back the processed foods I was eating before. I’ve lost weight, have more energy and am excited to see how this change in eating has impacted my blood health. When I get tempted to eat something sugary, which isn’t often, I hear your voice “ I choose to eat this consciously” and then I usually don’t!" -Heidi T 
"I joined the first Restart group this year and I am very pleased not only with the results, but the valuable information I will be able to incorporate into my dietary choices for the remainder of my life.
After the 4 week course I lost weight and experienced other physical improvements such as better sleep and increased energy throughout the day. I was also able to have my 6-month physical with my physician and though I never had any numbers off the charts prior, this was the first time that all my numbers were perfect.
The knowledge I gained from this class is perhaps the most valuable thing to me. When several people are in a group with the same goals and interest, along with a certified nutritional therapist leading the group and a nurse practitioner/organic farm owner assisting, we all were able to obtain great resources on where to buy healthy whole foods, what foods to buy, and how they affect the body in addition to learning how other foods affect the body in a negative manner.
In particular, I have known that many oils that we use to cook with and that are found in most of our processed foods are not healthy but after the class, I learned the extent of what these oils are doing to our health and how to avoid them altogether.
I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to restart their food choices and lifestyle!" - Kevin M.