Let me start by saying this, dear friends: wherever you are in your journey, you are not alone. You are held, you are supported … even if it doesn't feel that way, even if you're feeling lost.

You see, I know what it's like to walk in the dark … to not know where I'm going, or where the next step might take me.

And I also know what it's like to walk in the light … to move toward that which gives me joy, toward what fills me up and empowers me to give.

This is our shared experience. This is what it is to be human: to move from uncertainty to illumination and back again, over and over. This is what it means to practice yoga: to breathe in and breathe out, to receive and to give.

I'm Ashley Baker Haselton, and I'm here to support you in your journey.

A Short History of Ashley

Ashley completed her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of North Alabama in 2005.  She worked a corporate job for many years before realizing she wanted to pursue a career that helped bring healing to people on many levels. Her inspiration and passion for holistic health began in 2006 when she started seeking alternative avenues of addressing her own chronic health issues.

In June 2012, Ashley completed a 200-hr yoga teacher training.  Since 2012, she has taught thousands of students in both public classes and private lessons, in local businesses, led yoga retreats and co-leads 200-hour yoga teacher trainings at Shoals Yoga in Florence, AL.

In June 2018, she completed a holistic, functional nutrition certification and is a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant (NTC) by the Nutritional Therapy Association. At Full Life, she offers Wellness Consultations to help identify nutritional and system imbalances, while supporting, strengthening and balancing the foundations of health. She works with patients to improve nutrition, digestion, blood sugar regulation, and inflammation balance. 

In January 2022, She opened Yoga House Florence with her business partner Mika Groscost. 

She resides in Florence, Alabama with her husband and 2.5 year old son.  

In all I do, I continue to follow my heart, listening intently when it speaks. And if there's a truth I can offer you as a teacher, it's this …

You have the courage to do what you are called to do.
You have the strength to embark upon your own hero's journey.
You have the love to carry you through both the light and the dark.

With love and gratitude,

Ashley Baker Haselton

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