Mother Night

I had a moment, a spark.  I witnessed a beautiful experience in my Reiki session.  I wanted to journal what I felt...  But I could not make my hand write what my heart had seen. A little voice said.. Draw. What?!  I have never drawn a day in my life- well I take that back...I have drawn a stick figure or 2. 

So I picked up my husband's clean, never used drawing book, a charcoal pencil, and crayola color pencils.... and I drew for the first time. Simultaneously, my words became a poem (see below drawing)

So I share with you:  Mother Night

Mother Night

Meet me in the still waters.

Suspended between two worlds.

Cradled beneath layers, depth unknown -

Evolving, breathing, nourished in this dark, infinite space.

I hear the sound of our Mother’s heart beating.

I hear our Mother’s cry.

Her laugh vibrates my existence.

I feel her all encompassing, unconditional love.

Her pulse is running through my veins.

This electric current leaves no part of creation untouched.

Yet her face - never seen.

I draw closer to hear sweet whispers from our Grandmother’s lips.

Rhythmic like the ocean’s waves.

Caressing my tender soul.

Wisdom carried down through her stories.

What is left untold comes through her in dance, prayers and the spark in her eyes.

Steady like a river’s stream.

The medicine of our ancestors past.

Guide me deeper, I yearn for this knowing.

Feet rooted, toes curling into Earth.

I scoop up the soil, let it sift through my fingers.

I can smell the richness of the courage that has come before me.

Those who have paved the way for me to be here.

Resting in the current of my own soul.

I kneel down, look up at the stars.

Blazes of fire reflected in my eyes.

Who am I?

The answer: I AM.

-Ashley Baker Haselton - Feb 2017



  1. Stephanie
    28.02.2017 at 7:32 pm

    Wow! Ashley! So impressed with both poetry/spoken word piece & the beautiful drawing! Were you receiving or practicing Reiki?
    Being creative is a must & we can surprise ourselves – getting started it the only thing holding us back. Love!

    • ashley
      01.03.2017 at 8:30 am

      Hi Stephanie!
      Thank you for taking the time to read and share such encouraging words! I was receiving Reiki 🙂 But I hope to learn how to offer in the near future! Big Love to you! Keep creating, and keep loving!

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