Soul + Food: Juicing & Smoothies 101

Vegetable juice, tomato, carrot, cucumber and beetroot

Liz Davis, RN, NTP, of Bluewater Creek Farm and Ashley Baker Haselton of Ashley Baker Yoga are teaming up again to offer you an afternoon full of wisdom surrounding the topics: Juicing and smoothies.

Do these concepts ring a bell?  Do these terms sound foreign?  Maybe you have heard they are potentially healthy?  Have you been told to add these into your life? --- But you have no idea where to start... You are not alone!

There is so much information out there on these topics that it can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Maybe these have been some of your concerns and questions:

-  What do I juice?
-  How do I juice?
-  What is a juicer and what kind do I buy?
-  Where do I start?
-  What is juicing?  
-  Isn't is easier to just buy the prepared juice in the store?
-  What are the benefits of juicing and making smoothies?
-  Smoothies? Yeah, I have tried that and they never taste good.
- What do I put in a smoothie?
- Etc, Etc, Etc..

I guarantee if you have ever considered juicing and making smoothies---you have had one or more of these questions.. And then overanalyze until you do absolutely nothing.  We have all been there. 

We will take you through the basics of juicing and making nutrient dense smoothies, share with you the health benefits of why you may want to consider making this part of your life, and help lessen your fears and concerns. You will leave with the knowledge and insight to feel completely confident starting on this journey immediately! 

Also included in the workshop:

  • - 1 hour yoga class—please bring a mat if you have one—a few will be provided
    •    -  Beginner Level-all are welcome and encouraged to participate
    •    -  You do not have to participate in yoga to come to the Juice/Smoothie workshop
  • - Complete juicing and smoothie demonstration—step by step
    •    -   Recipes and juice/smoothie samples
  • - Farm Tour (optional)
  • When:  Saturday, May 30th, 2015
  • Time:  12pm-3pm (yoga, workshop, then farm tour)
  • Where: Blue Water Creek Farm
  • Cost: $25/person  $15/workshop only

    Soul+Food: Juice/Smoothies

  •    - Space is limited- 30 people max
  •    - Please confirm by email:
  •    - Payment due by March 23rd for confirmation

Meet us:


Liz is a registered nurse at Full Life Wellness center in Florence, Alabama, as well as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner graduate of Nutritional Therapy Association. She discovered “real” food when trying to manage her own autoimmune disease and has come to know that farming, food, and health are inseparable. Liz, and her husband, Collins, and their 2 year-old daughter, Abby live and work on sustainable, local farm—They are taking great efforts  to bring their community the healthiest foods possible.  They light up when they share their boundless knowledge on how and why they are incorporating such diligent, time-consuming, and thorough practices. Take a trip to their farm. 


Ashley, of Florence, Alabama, is an adventure seeking traveller and backpacker who shares her kind heart and love of life by leading yoga classes, retreats, workshops, soul touching chants, knowledge of nourishing foods, and love of her backyard homestead. She loves to laugh, be playful--breaking out in a dance move mid-class is bound to happen. Each day, she practices moving toward that which gives her joy, toward what fills her up and empowers her to give.  She believes in the importance of being in and with nature as a means to promote inner stillness and joyful living-encouraging others to do the same.

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Ashley and Liz

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